Our Horticulture & Big Ideas ‘field reporter’ Maki is literally in the field in the Amazon, Iquitos Peru. We discuss plant medicine and the history of BioPharma from the Amazon and the current new model being proposed by Maki and the Shultes Center.

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Richard Evans Schultes Center for Amazonian Ethnobotanical Research
The Richard Evans Schultes Center for Amazonian Ethnobotanical Research is a non-profit dedicated to preserving and advancing ethnobotany in one of the planet’s most biodiverse regions. We add modern science to traditional knowledge, emphasizing a bioethical approach and using world-wide networking to help heal the planet and humanity.

-If you are moved to support the preservation of the indigenous knowledge of Amazon Plant Libraries, please donate to the Shultes Center 501c3 here:  schultes • Upsurgent
To protect the basis of this knowledge involves protecting the Amazonian ecosystem, including its people. They aim to do this through development of appropriate agroforestry production practices, integrating rural people with their environment in innovative and truly sustainable ways. Combining ethnobotany with modern scientific research tools can help both the people of this vast region and of the planet to live better lives, while protecting and enhancing the life of the supporting Amazonian biosphere.