The PATH FRWD is about exploring what’s next.

Informing you of new at hand solutions
to take action on & try out in your own life.


How do we move forward as a society & individuals to cross ‘The Threshold’ we currently face?  This threshold should be no real mystery.  The greatest challenges of our time are occurring both Physically with climate change, economic evolution, and a global pandemic.


While simultaneously, Concepts are arising across culture challenging who we know ourselves to be, and literally new forms of information.  Not some esoteric concept, mass literacy was a revolution, and the effects of the digital age are just being realized.


The Path Frwd is different by informing  you of solutions to take action on & try out in your own life.  Your actions compound across your community. Via our focus on tangible Solutions and sharing the stories of the pioneers implementing real answers to the challenges we face.


Every good meal, has denser main courses, supported by delightful side dishes.  Only serving the heavy stuff weighs down our ability to digest and implement solutions in our own lives.


So, we will always complement a main concept with some enjoyable culture, discussing the Film, TV and Music by creators inspiring this new path.


Join us in discovering the PATH FRWD.

Please listen & connect.