You have less than three seconds to grab someone's attention here. What will you say?

A Service or Product Blurb

These are called 'blurbs'. You can write a brief description about a service or product and then have the entire blurb linked to send them to an interior page or to a store page or wherever you like. Here are some options for how you can use this layout.

Case Study

You could use these 3 columns to highlight a case study, or a bit of news, or an accomplishment, or a factoid. Lots of options.

Three Featured Blogs

You can also use these three columns to share blog post excerpts that will link back automatically to the post page and be pulled in automatically by latest blog. But there is one trick to it and it has to be setup differently. Ask me how.


Thanks for the course Lakshmi. Besides being fabulous to see you after so long, it was a good course and I've learnt a lot. As I knew nothing of Wordpress before, it has certainly demystified some of it for me. Looking forward to sitting in on your next course too to review what we did.

Liz Thomas, childhood friend

Nothing convinces like an enthusiastic testimonial. If you are making the slider switch automatically, make sure you leave it up long enough for slow readers by going to the "Animation" tab

Brad: Age 27

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Lakshmi, WWW instructor

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