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We explore our shared musical history and some of our greatest influences. Check out the
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William & Pashko introduce themselves and intentions for the Path FRWD. The first of the ‘Fundamental Concepts’ we will investigate and explore together is outlined: Democracy @ Work, the American Co-Op Movement. We then dip out toes into music, offering a taste of D.C. GoGo!

Main Concept: A treasure of good info at Democracy At Work about worker owned and cooperative businesses.


Theme Music: by Pezzner

Santana “Soul Sacrifice” – Live at The Woodstock Music & Art Fair, August 16, 1969 Performed by: Santana Written by: C. Santa, D. Brown, G. Rolle, M. Malone Rights: Columbia/Legacy

If you haven’t ever watched the epic Woodstock documentary film, or if it’s been a while, grab some favorite libations and enjoy! These innovative filmmakers wouldn’t be inhibited and literally helped invent surround sound and many modern film technologies.

Lázaro Ros “Oro Seco de Tambor a Ochún” – Performed by: Lazaro Ros Rights: SGAE, Unicornio, Producciones Abdala S.A. The Oro Seco in Santeria in Cuba is the drum rhythms for the Orisha ‘dry’ or without singing. Beautiful & powerful.

Poncho Sanchez band “Sonanado – Live” Performed by: Poncho Sanchez band Written by: Pete Terrace. Rights: Concord Records.

Pello El Afrokan Jr. “Arañariña” Performed by: Pello El Afrokan Jr. Rights: Camajan Padrino, friend and future guest of the show!

Gino Latino “Welcome – Radio” Performed by: Gino Latino Written by: C. Cecchetto, Jovanotti, L. Cersosimo Rights: Harbor Light Records 1989

Black Science Orchestra “New Jersey Deep” Performed by: Ashley Beedle & The Black Science Orchestra Written by: Beedle/Woodford/Classen Rights: Junior Boy’s Own 1994

“DJ Le Roi, Roland Clark “I Get Deep – Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix” Performed by: DJ Le Roi, Roland Clark Written by: Cedric Eichenberger, Mirco Esposito, Roland Clark Rights: Get Physical Music

Bogachiel “Jah Satellite” Unreleased Performed by: Beard, Ubick, Pineda, Minella, Juncaj, Gallegos, Simon, Osterman. Written & Produced by: Beard & Ubick

Featured: “Rare Essence “Hey Buddy Buddy – Live” Performed by: Rare Essence Written by: Andre Johnson, Byron Jackson, James Thomas, John Buchanan, Michael Neal & Milton Freeman Rights: Rare One Records 2001

If this is your first time hearing Go-Go Music or you know it well. Please give some love, stream, purchase and check out: Rare Essence and Go-Go Mickey!



Links from our conversation and to learn more on your own.

Theme Music: by Pezzner

Learnings & Links about Biochar and some of the fuzzy measuring of Carbon Credits.

Global hub of information and professional research:
International Biochar Initiative (

American Biochar Initiative or now US Biochar Initiative:
Welcome to the Biochar Learning Center! | US Biochar Initiative (

Issues with measuring trees for Carbon Credits:


Disney+ Day Implications

Links from our conversation and to learn more on your own.

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